James Vanderberg installation view
Levi Haske installation view
James Vanderberg Into the Wilderness, 2013
James Vanderberg Julian Winter, 2013
James Vanderberg Long Way ’Round the Mountain, 2013
James Vanderberg Tide Lines, 2013
Levi Haske Red Rectangle, 2014
James Vanderberg The Monkey’s Fist, 2011
Levi Haske Purple Group, 2014
James Vanderberg Incheon, 2014
Levi Haske Green Room, 2014-15
Levi Haske Dark Blue Group, 2014-15
Levi Haske Blue Green Group, 2014-15

Levi Haske & James Vanderberg

January 9 – March 8, 2015

Opening Reception: Friday, January 9, 6 – 9 PM

Los Ojos is proud to present new works by James Vanderberg and Levi Haske, two Brooklyn-based artists who are exhibiting for the first time at the gallery.

James Vanderberg’s paintings in acrylic and oil draw from his upbringing in Long Island as well as residencies in Vermont and abroad. His abstract works incorperate imagery from nautical ropework as well as sea and mountain landscapes. Despite their diversity of size, each of Vanderberg’s works draws close attention to painterly gesture and demonstrates a deft handling of color and medium. Vanderberg received his MFA from CUNY Hunter College and currently lives and works in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Levi Haske builds his work in additive layers, creating a dense foundation of color whose strata are then partially revealed through subtraction. After starting with an intuitively arranged grid of plywood, he paints layers of acrylic and oil over the grid. The results are enigmatic compositions that encourage close scrutiny. His work on paper is made of similar layers of painting upon which he employs an etching technique and demonstrates his interest in our perception of foundation and surface. Haske received his MFA from Parsons, lives in Williamsburg and works in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.