The Royal We

June 26 – August 2, 2015

Opening Reception: Friday, June 26, 6 – 9 PM

Los Ojos is pleased to present The Royal We, a survey of work by contemporary LGBTQ artists in New York.

In The Royal We, we ask whether identity is a matter of survival or an artistic choice in 2015. We recognize that rather than being universal, the distinction is personal. Whether exploring the personal aspects of intersectionality, creating activist works calling for equal rights, or merely working within a context of queer sensibilities, these artists still have plenty to say.

Caroline Wells Chandler’s work explores themes of queer and trans identity in a manner that is playful, celebratory, yet slightly frightening. His Moon series uses foam, resin and paint to create hallucinatory landscapes that simultaneously alarm and delight. Chandler recieved an MFA from Yale and works in Long Island City, NY.

Lance Marchel creates sculptures that heighten the sculptural possibilities of everyday forms. His resin-embedded found objects demonstrate a colorist’s eye and an expert use of irony. Marchel received an MFA from Yale and currently works in Ridgewood, NY.

Sam Vernon’s installations combine xeroxed drawings, photographs, paintings and sculptural components in an exploration of personal narrative and identity. Vernon uses installation and performance to honor the past while revising historical memory. Vernon received an MFA from Yale and currently works in New Haven.